Berlin Info – a Berlin City guide

Berlin Info / Berlin City guide

Berlin Info / View over Berlin - Photo: T.Bortels/

A growing collection of basic information pages about life and living in Berlin.

On the following pages I’ll try to guide you through some of Berlin’s every day tasks. Berlin 101 is a growing collection of suggestions, tips, pointers and advice that should help new Berliners make their way through typical Berlin days and Berlin nights. Things you should probably know when you’re planning to visit, to stay, to live in Berlin. Be it for a day, a week – or for good. If you happen to have a special question please feel free to add a comment below and I’ll try to find an appropriate answer.

> Berlin Blockade and Airlift

> The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin Accommodation
`–> Holiday Apartments (short term)
`–> Rental Apartments (long term)
`–> Hotels
`–> 5 star Hotels
`–> The Berlin Airbnb Law “Zweckentfremdungsverbot”

> Internet in Berlin – Going Online
`–> Free WiFi in Berlin

Berlin Coat of Arms: The Berlin Bear
The official Coat of arms of the City is the Bear – but it’s also everybody’s darling

Tipping in Berlin (Tip is not included)
Where to tip? What to Tip? How much to tip?

Berlin by Bike
Getting around the city on two wheels.

Berlin by Car
`–> Parking your Car
`–> Parking ticket vending machines explained
`–> How to read German Parking Signs
`–> Berlin Emission Zone – the environmental badge
`–> Berlin Car Rental – Where to Hire a Car in Berlin
`–> The Trabi / Trabant – a Two Stroke Car from East Germany

Berlin Food
`–> Currywurst
`–> Döner Kebab
`–> Grilling / Barbecue BBQ
`–> Spargel – Asparagus

> Berlin Heating Systems
Gas heating? Coal heating? central heating? Here’s a view what kind of heating system you’ll probably find in your apartment – and how to operate it.
`–> Gas Heating

> Summer in Berlin

> Berlin Lakes
Go for a swim – or just hang by the beach on one of the many lakes

> Winter in Berlin: the sledding hills
Berlin may be flat – but there are some hills you can go to ride your sledge in the winter time

> Berlin Maps
A list of different resources and services featuring various Berlin maps: historic maps, interactive maps etc.

Berlin Shopping Guide
`–> Flea Markets
`–> Sunday Shopping
Where to shop? What to buy?

Berlin Weather
`-> Berlin Weather Cams
What to expect from spring / summer / autumn winter weather conditions…

Drinking in Public
> Eating in Public
Yes, it’s okay – as long as you do try to behave…

> Tap Water / Drinking Water
Water from the tap and what you should know about it (yes, it most certainly is drinkable!)

> Berlin power plugs: voltage, sockets, plugs

> Health Care
A view on the German health care system

> Laundromats
A (growing) list of self-service laundry facilities

> Learning German in Berlin
Planning to stay? Want to communicate with the locals? Pick up some German!

> Money Exchange
Came here with a handful of dollars? Here’s your Euros…

> Movie Theaters / Cinemas
where and how to find films / screenings in English and/or original version

Berlin Public Holidays / Bank Holidays
`–> New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day
`–> Easter: Good Friday, Easter Monday
`–> Berlin First of May / Walpurgis Night

> Public Transport
`–> Trams – the Berlin Streetcars
`–> Public Transport Ticket Prices

> Berlin Airports
`-> Airport Berlin Schönefeld

> Public Viewing / Public Screening
Watching a soccer game / football match in public, in a bar, at an organized event

Berlin TAXI 101
Taking a cab – how to take a Taxi in Berlin – a short guide with some basic facts and figures on Berlin Taxi fares, tipping, etc.

Trash and Recycling

> Bowie Berlin

2 thoughts on “Berlin Info – a Berlin City guide

  1. Helena

    We are travelling to Berlin on the 18th May and we are looking for a RV site which is easily accessible to the Velodrom, we will either travel to the Velodrom in the RV or perhaps by bicycle, depending on distance. Could you recommend an area, or particular sites, that would be suitable.

    1. t.b. Post author

      Sorry it took me a while to respond! I must admit that I don’t know of any particular site that I would recommend for parking your RV. You could either try to find a spot near Velodrom, which actually should be very well possible if you give it some time in advance. Or instead you could park your RV close to a M10 tram stop or close to a S41/S42 S-Bahn ring station – both have stops near Velodrome.
      I hope this helps somehow?
      Have a nice stay!


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