Things to do in Berlin – places to see, sights to visit

As you might know already, there are lots of things to do in Berlin. The city has quite a ‘special’ collection of tourist attractions, like probably no other great city has: many of the typical Berlin attractions are about Berlin history – or actually German history – the past and how it is connected to the present. The most popular sights are probably all more or less directly connected to Berlin’s and Germany’s history: the Cold War era, the Nazi era, the Weimar Republic – be it The Berlin Wall or former Bunkers and Flak Towers: Berlin’s terrible past is Berlin’s present attraction.

And there is basically nothing bad about it. If only all terrible things became tourist attractions – the world would probably be a much better place. Is there anything more peaceful than having a picnic on a former death strip? Dancing on the ruins of the past has some sort of tradition in Berlin – so no wonder that also this list of Berlin tourist attractions largely consists of ‘dark’ attractions.

But besides these ‘shadows from the past’ there is of course also a number of other, regular sights to see. A Berlin sightseeing tour may lead you to architectural treasures and castles – not to forget two Zoos – and also a large number of Museums are yours to enjoy.

Of course this list is not trying to be a complete guide to all the things to do in Berlin. Instead I listed a number of sights and things I personally consider worth visiting. Please feel free to add any thoughts and suggestions in the comments at the end of this page. Thank you!