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This is an *open* and growing Blog Directory of mostly English language Berlin related blogs and bloggers: Expats sharing their Berlin experiences, new Berliners writing about their daily life, travel blogs – you get the idea.

You know of an English language ‘Berlin Blog’ that you would like to see listed here? Please feel free to submit your link suggestions in the comments together with a title and a short description you would like to see with your link. Or simply send me a tweet @nuberlin_com or get in contact. All other Berlin-related links can be found over here.

Berlin Typography

A Berlin Photo Blog featuring Typography you can find when walking Berlin streets.

Monument Musing

Berlin History blog exploring this wonderful and devastating city through its architecture, monuments and museums.


Berlin Blog dedicated to independent music, art, fashion and lifestyle in Berlin – plus booking, events and artist promotion

Unscene Berlin

…is NOT a fashion blogger! I write about underground music, activism, social media rights. Other publications that I have written for: OpenDemocracy, Urban Challenger, Siegesaeule, Alternative Berlin and Sensanostra.

Digital Cosmonaut

On the weekends I head out an explore Berlins Abandoned locations. I have a passion for history and love uncovering Berlins little secrets.

Foodie in Berlin

As the name may suggest: a Berlin Food-Blog: ” … a collection of posts about where to eat, drink and shop in Berlin.  It was compiled over three years of living and eating in Berlin.” Since 2013 the blog is discontinued, but many articles are of course still valid.


Sketches, illustrations, graphics, observations and stories from Berlin by an Indian artist, illustrator and storyteller living in Berlin.

Embracing Butter

A blog about the adventures – and mis-adventures – of an American single mom of three living in Berlin and starting a business.”

An English Man in Berlin

Blog about life and culture in Berlin, Germany

Cee Cee

… is a weekly email newsletter with hand-selected recommendations for the Berlin city life. …

Berlin Food Stories

… is a blog dedicated to the best restaurants in Berlin and to people who are truly serious about delicious food and great dining experiences. …

Berlin Reified

Berlin Reified celebrates and savors quiet moments of life in Berlin. Founded in 2006, Berlin Reified is a food blog written, photographed, and published by Sylee Gore

Cheryl Howard Travel Blogger

a world travel and expat living blog (with a focus on Berlin)

Abandoned Berlin

A blog about abandoned places in and around Berlin
“If it’s verboten it’s got to be fun!”


“Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin And Kreuzberg”

and Berlin

“a new city. a new language. a new life – A blog about life in Berlin. My visits to the city’s sights, attractions, bars and restaurants will hopefully be a helpful guide for anyone planning a trip or looking for things to do in the German capital.”

u berlin

“What I Know About Germans” – James (freelance writer, social media analyst) and Zoë (photographer) blogging about their Berlin years

Back to Berlin…and BEYOND

Expat duo from rainy (but lovely!) Seattle, living in Berlin …

Finding Berlin

“… is a visual magazine ded­ic­ated to Ber­lin and its cul­tural diversity. By pho­to­graphy and video­graphy the authors of the site try to cap­ture all parts of the cit­ies devel­op­ment and the unique fea­tures of Ber­lin: urban art, techno hedon­ism, authen­tic places and some intim­ate Ber­lin anec­dotes will find a one of a kind plat­form …”

i Heart Berlin

from the website: “We live in Berlin and we heart it so much that we have to share our love for it by running this blog.

The Irish Berliner

The author of this blog “…has called Berlin home since St. Patrick’s Day 2008, when he arrived doe-eyed and thirsty after the ferry from Ireland and a long drive through France.”

Pieces of Berlin – Discovering Berlin’s everyday life since 2009.

a Berlin (and New York) Photo Blog – all analogue 6×6 photos of everyday life in Berlin (and New York)

place to be Berlin

Berlin stories by two freelance journalists

The Needle

Sharp on Berlin – weekly blog magazine, previously known as “Berlin Memory Blog”

Street Art Utopia

“We declare the world as our canvas”

Working Berlin Mum (4 February 2014 The Final Post)

Sarah – originally from the U.K. – a working (and blogging) berlin mum

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An automated feed of different Berlin related blogs

Blogs from expats in Berlin

A list of Expat Blogs from Berlin

You know of any English language ‘Berlin Blog’ that you would like to see listed here in the Berlin Blog Directory? Please feel free to submit your link suggestions in the comments  – or simply send me a tweet @nuberlin_com or get in contact. Thank you!

One thought on “Berlin Blogs


    I blog about what inspires me in Berlin based on the living city with its options to meet people, talk to start-ups, do sport, listen to music, eat food, the history, art, new trends, the Berliners and a lot more.
    I decided to blog in Danish, so I am curious to know if the online translation on the blog works. Does it give any meaning to you?


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