Eating in Public

Eating in public is generally perfectly fine in Berlin. You can either walk through the streets with a Döner Kebab in your hand or nibble on a Currywurst on the corner or sit down in a park and eat a pizza. That’s all fine and nobody will look at you funny.

Picnic in Berlin

Basically, you can even have a complete picnic in public. Picnics are particularly popular in the large parks, especially in summer. And in many parks you can even set up your own barbecue.

Although barbecues are no longer permitted everywhere, Berlin is still relatively relaxed when it comes to organizing a small barbecue with friends. Anyone who has ever strolled through Mauerpark or Volkspark Friedrichshain on a summer Saturday, for example, knows that such barbecue parties can take place on all kinds of scales. And sometimes some people’s barbecuing becomes a nuisance to others. For further information you may want to check the page about grilling in Berlin.

This brings me to the point where I once again raise my index finger: please (please!) always (always!) be considerate of the other people who are also in the park and who may not feel like sitting in a barbecue cloud – or simply watching other people eat. And of course you should also consider the local residents – after all, some of the residents of the large parks have to enjoy the park.

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