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Public Viewing Berlin Beer Garden

Public Viewing at a Berlin Beer Garden - Photo: T.Bortels/

Updated for the European Football Championship 2024

Since the Football Worldcup 2006 there is a new “German” word: Public Viewing.

Since the football world cup was hosted by Germany and Berlin in 2006, at least every two years screens and displays of all sizes seem to pop up at almost every Berlin street corner. Or at least in some parts of the city. And then people are gathering in front of these screens, having a drink, watching the game – Public Viewing.

At least for Prenzlauer Berg I can say that whenever there is a World Cup or Euro Cup or Champions League match aired, you can basically walk down some streets without loosing contact to ‘the game’. Of course there is also regular sports bars in Berlin, showing football matches on a regular basis – but that is something completely different.

Many restaurants, bars and even quite many fast food stands, hot dog booths and kiosks put a screen on display and turn up the volume. Sometimes it’s just a regular TV set with a couple of chairs in front of it – sometimes there are video projectors put up and the restaurant terrace turns into a mini movie theater.

On the other hand there are some official public viewing events and locations and venues where you can go if you want to watch a match in jolly togetherness. Altogether there are quite many different options where you can watch a world cup or a euro cup match. Compiling a list would make no sense – the list would be rather long. You could for example check

Public Screening at Berlin Fan Zone at Brandenburger Tor

The most prominent, most ‘public’ viewing occasion is probably Berlin’s official fan fest, which is also called Berlin Fanmeile or Berlin Fan Mile – or “FIFA Fan Fest Berlin” to use the official name from 2006. For the   With a capacity of around 100.000 (2018) guests this party between Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) and the Victory Column (Siegessäule) is also Germany’s biggest public viewing event.

But here not every game is shown – but all German matches and all matches taking place in Berlin, including the final, quarter-finals and semi-finals are shown. Access is free – no admission fee – but the area is fenced in and you have to enter through one of the official entry gates. Expect a security check – so If you are actually planning to go here, please remember not to take any fire crackers, animals, chairs, alcoholic  beverages, bottles, weapons or anything that can be considered ‘dangerous’ to the event.

Fan Zone schedule: The 2024 edition of the Berlin Fan Fest Fan Mile will be open from 14. June until 14th of July.

Openinug hours:

  • On days without public viewing: 8 am to midnight
  • June 14, 15, 19, 21, 23 and 25: 2 pm to midnight
  • June 29 and 30 and July 01, 02, 05 and 06: 3 pm to midnight
  • Semi-Final: July 09 and July 10: 5 pm to midnight
  • Final: July 14: 4 pm to midnight

Berlins official German information pages including the schedule and further details and information about the Berlin Fan Fest 2018 are located over here:

Other Public Screening / Public Viewing options

So on the one side of the scale the is the official fan fest in Tiergarten – near Brandenburg Gate. On the other side, as mentioned before, basically every Kiosk and every Kebab booth can turn into a miniature public viewing arena. And then there are basically public viewing venues of all sizes between these two ‘extremes’ – here is a list of some of the larger ones:

  • Public Viewing at Kulturbrauerei Prenzlauer Berg
    The Public Viewing arena at Kulturbrauerei is one of the larger events. The court yard can host up to 15 thousand football fans. Throughout the tournament basically every match is shown on a large screen. There will be beer booths and sausage stands nearby – and in case the weather turns bad there are enough venues that may provide shelter. Doors are open and screens are on two hours before each match – for some matches the admission fee is 3 – 5 Euro. Further information in German on the website of Kulturbrauerei.
  • Public Viewing at Biergarten Golgatha in Kreuzberg
    The beer garden Golgatha inside Kreuzberg’s Victoria Park is quite a classic when it comes to watching football matches. The location was originally built when the nearby football stadium Katzbachstadion was built. Last time I checkes all matches are shown on various screens across the beer garden and on large screens inside the venue. Further information on the venue’s website.
  • Fussball Familien Fest / Football Family Fest at Zitadelle Spandau
    Also the Spandau Citadel can host a couple of thousands of football fans of all ages. As far as I know the Fussball Familien Fest was a great success in 2028. But it seems currently therea are no plans for a Fussball Familien Fest.

Public Viewing Map – Venues and Locations across Berlin

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Please check in advance if the venue is actually showing the match you want to see!

Do you have and thoughts, suggestions, additional recommendations or comments? Please feel free to leave your comment below. Thank you!

One thought on “Public Screening a.k.a Public Viewing

  1. Stefan

    A big and beautiful public viewing location for all matches is “Treppenhaus 9” . It is at the “Ringbahn” S41/S42 at the station S+U Neukölln – so everyone can easy find it. Very big HD screen, cool prices of drinks, nice fun sports for before/after the EM matches (tabletennis, lasertag, and so on), cool music, funny staff.

    I recommend this place!



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