Berlin News in English Media

Berlin News in English Media

Berlin News in English - Photo 'News' CC BY-SA 2.0 by eliztesch /

Berlin News: Berlin in the News – and News from Berlin – in English.

If you want to know what’s ‘really’ happening in Berlin, or at least what English media is reporting about Berlin, then this page might be the right place for you.

Here you’ll find a frequently updated compilation of the latest Berlin News in English / by English language media so you can get a picture of what is going on in Berlin, what people in Germany’s capital talk about – and how ‘the rest of the world’ sees Berlin.

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Berlin: Bookings Increase, Tourists to Return

The Berlin Spectator — Tuesday, 26. May 2020
"More than 13 million tourists per year used to come to Berlin before Corona screwed it all up. Thanks to the virus, tourism was even forbidden for a ..."

Sustainability central in Berlin

Fruitnet / Tom Joyce — Tuesday, 21. January 2020
"Groundbreaking innovators, inspired visionaries and disruptive entrepreneurs will put digital farming and precision agriculture at the forefront of the ..."

Berlin Shows How Not to Do Housing Policy

Atlantic Sentinel / Nick Ottens — Sunday, 12. January 2020
"If you're trying to control housing costs in your city, don't look to Berlin for inspiration. The German capital is due to implement a five-year, ..."

The Berlin apartment: living with the ghosts of the past

The Guardian / Philip Oltermann — Sunday, 13. October 2019
"Grouped around the dining table in his apartment in Berlin's central Mitte district are three velvet armchairs the interior architect salvaged from what he ..."

Three decades on from the fall of the Berlin Wall

The New European / Mick O’Hare — Saturday, 05. October 2019
"Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came down, MICK O'HARE talks to some of those caught up in the momentous events and pieces together the story of ..."

Form and function in Berlin

The Australian — Saturday, 21. September 2019
"One of the best ways to appreciate the impact of the Bauhaus School is to wander the streets of Berlin and see the work its members and their ..."

Three exhibitions to see during Berlin Art Week

Art Newspaper / Catherine Hickley — Friday, 13. September 2019
"Being uprooted is something Ai Weiwei knows about. Exiled to the Gobi Desert as a child because of his father's work, he now lives in exile once more ..."

Berlin’s Traffic Lights Want You to Go Vegan

LIVEKINDLY / Charlotte Pointing — Friday, 23. August 2019
"According to BZ Berlin, activists have pasted “stop meat” templates on red traffic lights across Berlin-Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. On the green ..."

The Berlin cemetery and the family mystery

Canadian Jewish News / Michael Benedict — Thursday, 22. August 2019
"Seeking out my great-grandparents' graves in Berlin's – and Europe's – largest Jewish cemetery, I found much more than what I was looking for."

Gay penguins at Berlin zoo wait to be dads

7NEWS / AAP — Saturday, 10. August 2019
"Two homosexual emperor penguins at Berlin Zoo are preparing for the patter of tiny feet after zoo staff gave them an egg to adopt last month. "The two ..."

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