Berlin News in English Media

Berlin News in English Media

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Berlin News: Berlin in the News – and News from Berlin – in English.

If you want to know what’s ‘really’ happening in Berlin, or at least what English media is reporting about Berlin, then this page might be the right place for you.

Here you’ll find a frequently updated compilation of the latest Berlin News in English / by English language media so you can get a picture of what is going on in Berlin, what people in Germany’s capital talk about – and how ‘the rest of the world’ sees Berlin.

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Berlin relaxes AirBnB restrictions

The Business Times — Friday, 23. March 2018
"Authorities in the German capital Berlin decided Thursday to soften one of Europe's strictest regimes for short-term rental firms such as Airbnb, allowing private individuals to rent out their main home without time limitations. The new rule will come into effect on May 1. The news comes after the ..."

Hartmut Dorgerloh nominated to head Berlin’s Humboldt Forum

Art Newspaper / Catherine Hickley — Wednesday, 21. March 2018
"German Culture Minister Monika Grütters says she will propose Hartmut Dorgerloh as the future director of the Humboldt Forum, scheduled to open at the end of next year in Berlin's reconstructed royal palace. Dorgerloh, 55, has managed the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation since 2002."

Berlin housing market continue expanding with two-digit pace

Finance Appraise / Angelina Nieves — Wednesday, 21. March 2018
"Germany had not government almost five months but this was not felt on the Berlin property market. Last year Berlin housing prices rose by an average of 12.7% per square meter, according to data from the real estate agency First Citiz. Thus, the tendency for significant price increases in recent years ..."

Top Lufthansa boss says new Berlin airport will probably never open

Irish Times / Derek Scally — Tuesday, 20. March 2018
"Berlin's cursed international airport is almost six years late, and, according to a leading Lufthansa executive, will probably never open. Thorsten Dirks, a Lufthansa board member and head of its EuroWings budget subsidiary, told a closed-door event in Bavaria: “My prognosis: the thing will be torn down ..."

Berlin mayor backs ‘basic income’ to tackle capital’s unemployment

The Local Germany — Tuesday, 20. March 2018
"The Social Democrat (SPD) politician told the Berliner Morgenpost that he wants to see an overhaul of the welfare system, with Hartz IV to be replaced by a “solidary basic income” model. Hartz IV was one of the biggest components of the major labour market reform ..."

Berlin Art Week moves dates: Two art fairs will open at Tempelhof

Art Newspaper — Tuesday, 20. March 2018
"Berlin Art Week has changed its dates to 26-30 September, shifting two weeks later than its former mid-September slot. Negotiations for the new timeline began after news that the sophomore edition of Art Berlin—a reboot of the former Art Berlin Contemporary (abc) fair in partnership with Art Cologne but ..."

Porsche Celebrates 70 Years Of Sports Cars With Special Berlin Exhibition

Carscoops — Tuesday, 20. March 2018
"The exhibit is being held at Drive, the Volkswagen Group forum that opened in Berlin just a few years ago. It's open seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm, and admission is free of charge. It's just one of several special activities that Porsche has planned for this anniversary year. There'll be another ..."

Inside an enormous abandoned airport in Berlin that’s coming back to life (Video / VR)

Washington Post / Luisa Beck, Rick Noack, Joyce Lee — Saturday, 17. March 2018
"As rents rise in many of the world's major cities, it's almost unheard of to find any unused space. But in the heart of Berlin sits an empty area so massive that it's the size of an entire country. Tempelhof Field was once the world's largest airport, the same size as the principality of Monaco …"

‘In Berlin’s housing market people are getting mad, getting scared’

The Local Germany / Emily Manthei — Thursday, 15. March 2018
"Ryan was experiencing something first hand that has become a central social issue in Berlin in recent years: an overheated rental market is making it lucrative for landlords to try and push out long-term tenants in order to charge new tenants much higher rents ..."

Berlin Contends With Street Names of a Brutal, Overlooked Past

CityLab / Feargus O'Sullivan — Tuesday, 13. March 2018
"Take a stroll through Berlin's Afrikanisches Viertel neighborhood and you'd quickly recognize it for what it is—an unremarkable, pleasantly humdrum working-class area like you could find anywhere in the city. Solid gray interwar tenements flank tree-lined streets ..."

‘Never Again’: Fighting Hate in a Changing Germany With Tours of Nazi Camps

New York Times / Katrin Bennholdm — Sunday, 11. March 2018
"When Jakob Hetzelein, a history teacher in a working-class district of northeastern Berlin, decided to take his students to Sachsenhausen, a short suburban train ride from the German capital, he was not sure how it would go down. His lessons on Nazi Germany had met muted enthusiasm ..."

Mayor of tough Berlin district among new German ministers

Washington Post / Associated Press — Friday, 09. March 2018
"Germany's center-left Social Democrats announced Friday they're nominating the mayor of one of Berlin's toughest districts among six ministers the party will have in the country's next government. Franziska Giffey is considered a rising star within the party …"

Berlin’s LGBTQ refugee center a haven for those fleeing civil war, homophobia / Finbarr Toesland — Friday, 09. March 2018
"Berlin is different; you feel as if there is no going back,” Hassino told NBC News. Only two months after he submitted his asylum request, it was approved. Fortunately for Hassino, he arrived in Berlin in 2014, just before the European refugee crisis began to overwhelm the city's bureaucracy ..."

Venues announced for tenth Berlin Biennale

Art Newspaper — Friday, 09. March 2018
"The tenth Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art announced its venues at the annual press conference of the Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes), its main funding body, on Wednesday evening. Titled after the Tina Turner song from 1985, We don't need another hero, the Biennale will ..."

US billionaire Warren Buffett to buy Berlin’s priciest real estate

The Local Germany — Tuesday, 06. March 2018
"Rubina Real Estate works with foreign investors to secure high price apartments in the Berlin market. The company buys properties in the most expensive parts of Mitte, Köpernick and Zehlendorf, reported the Berliner Zeitung on Tuesday …"

A glimpse into Berlin’s eco fashion scene

University at Buffalo - The Spectrum / Elizabeth Roth — Monday, 05. March 2018
"The third annual Ethical Fashion Show Berlin took place Jan. 16-18 at the former Kraftwerk power plant, now a vibrant and energetic venue for exhibits and events. It involved over 120 vendors and a catwalk finale with 25 models wearing the hottest ethical styles …"

Things Learned At: CTM in Berlin

The Quietus / Tristan Bath — Friday, 02. March 2018
"Berlin's ever-ambitious CTM festival tackles this head-on. The festival's them this year: Turmoil. It's a striking choice of wording, fostering a sense of chaos, hardship and suffering that 'disruption' and 'disorder' don't quite hit. It's also an artistically fruitful concept ..."

Berlin and Brandenburg boasted most hours of sun this winter

The Local Germany / DPA — Thursday, 01. March 2018
"In February, Berlin and Brandenburg logged a historically high number of sunny hours, despite the bitter cold temperatures. Brandenburg's bright days led it to boast a winter temperature above the average of previous years, of 1.8C compared to 0.1C …"

Berlin film festival 2018 roundup

The Guardian / Jonathan Romney — Sunday, 25. February 2018
"Berlin 2018 has been a tricky one. It's the penultimate year for Dieter Kosslick, festival director since 2001, and questions are hanging in the air following last November's letter in which 79 German film-makers called for a post-Kosslick overhaul of the fest, so that it can compete ..."

How David Bowie’s Berlin period inspired Duncan Jones’ sci-fi film Mute (blog) / Clark Collis — Tuesday, 20. February 2018
"David Bowie famously spent a portion of the '70s recording in Berlin — and that period left a lasting impression on the late rock superstar's director son, Duncan Jones, who has made the German city the setting for his new Netflix science fiction film …"

Police suspect bank robbers after internet cut in 40000 Berlin homes

The Local Germany — Monday, 19. February 2018
"Berlin authorities are investigating whether the shutdown has anything to do with an attempted bank robbery in the area. In a neighbourhood between the three Berlin districts, Schmargendorf, robbers possibly tried to immobilize the communications network ..."

Babylon Berlin Is the Best Historical Drama on Netflix

GQ Magazine / Lincoln Michel — Saturday, 17. February 2018
"The Roaring Twenties didn't only roar in Jay Gatsby's New York. In the gap between world wars, Berlin of the Weimar Republic epitomized the excess, uncertainty, artistic exploration, and sexual experimentation of the era. This was the Berlin of Fritz Lang and Bauhaus, and also the Berlin of political ..."

Gay Life Flourished in Berlin Before Nazis Snuffed it Out / Oliver Hilmes — Thursday, 15. February 2018
"Last year, close to 13 million people visited Berlin, twice the number of annual visitors recorded 10 years previously. The city is positively bursting at the seams. Not many years ago, a vast number of Berlin apartments stood empty ..."

Berlin start-up bringing a 70s icon back

Handelsblatt Global Edition — Sunday, 11. February 2018
"The place looks like your typical Berlin start-up. A factory floor, complete with a vintage leather sofa and a DJ booth, collectible, retro cameras on the shelves and Polaroids everywhere. The latter show pictures of the Berlin sky, the plants on the office shelves and snapshots of hip, young guests at a ..."

Hooray for hairy pits! “Babylon Berlin” gets this historical detail right

Salon / Mary Elizabeth Williams — Friday, 02. February 2018
"It's not at all surprising that eight minutes in to the first episode of "Babylon Berlin," the lavish new Netflix-by-way-of-German-television opus, there's a moment of HBO-worthy group nudity. Nor is it even terribly unusual that the Weimar-era drama, faithful to its time, shows a naked female sporting a full tuft ..."

Berlin issuing $125000 fines to people who Airbnb their suites

Vancouver Courier — Friday, 02. February 2018
"Former Vancouver City Councillor turned blogger (and Fellow with the SFU Centre for Dialogue) Gordon Price shared an interesting fact this week: Berlin has banned short term rentals, and they're not messing around. This article outlines how speculators were driving up housing prices ..."

German retailer Aldi set to build 2000 homes above its Berlin stores

Deutsche Welle — Wednesday, 31. January 2018
"One of Germany's famous discount supermarket chains, Aldi Nord, said on Wednesday it plans to help tackle the housing crisis in the capital, Berlin, by building dozens of flats above 30 of its stores. "This is our idea: an Aldi store on the ground floor and flats above it," said a spokesman ..."

Baby polar bear born at Berlin zoo opens its eyes — Friday, 29. December 2017
""A three-week-old polar bear cub at a Berlin zoo has opened its eyes for the first time. The zoo said on Friday that the still unnamed female cub could also hold its head up by itself. Her ear channels are opening and the little bear is getting more familiar with its environment…""

Berlin exhibition questions CIA’s influence on global art scene

The Guardian / Philip Oltermann — Monday, 04. December 2017
"In Europe's city of spies, it was a feat of cold war counter-propaganda: a modernist congress centre with an audaciously curved roof, gifted by America to West Berlin in direct response to the buildup of Soviet's Stalinallee boulevard ..."

John Lennon’s stolen diaries recovered in Berlin

The Independent — Thursday, 23. November 2017
"Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the Berlin prosecutors office, said it was not clear when the recovered items could be returned to Lennon's estate. The diaries are on display at Berlin police headquarters…"

Can any fair kickstart the Berlin art market?

Art Newspaper / Stefan Kobel — Wednesday, 15. November 2017
"The German art world held its collective breath earlier this autumn when the new Art Berlin fair, a joint venture between the former rivals Maike Cruse, ..."

Goodbye to Berlin

Financial Times / Stefan Wagstyl — Friday, 29. September 2017
"Plunging into the green waters of Gorinsee is an instant remedy to urban stress. The lake lies only 20km from Berlin but seems a world away, with its ..."

A Final Note From NPR Berlin

NPR Berlin — Friday, 29. September 2017
"As we mark the end of NPR's operations of the station in Berlin, we'd like to thank our many listeners in the Berlin metropolitan area for your support ..."

NeSpoon unveils a new mural in Berlin for Urban Nations

StreetArtNews / blog / Modestas Mo Noreika — Saturday, 23. September 2017
"NeSpoon has been very active recently, finishing her mural in Sweden and then going straight to Germany for Urban Nations where this mural was ..."

Berlin Has a New Art Fair. Can It Attract the Buyers?

New York Times / Scott Reyburn — Friday, 22. September 2017
""'My collection is very refined and elegant; Berlin is the opposite' said Mr. Feuerle, 55, a former Cologne gallerist, who spends much of his year in Asia.…""

Passions fly as Berlin airport vote looms

Financial Times / Tobias Buck — Thursday, 21. September 2017
"With only a few days to go until election day, passions are running high in a debate at Berlin's Zoo Palast cinema. On the podium, politicians trade ..."

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