Berlin News in English Media

Berlin News in English Media

Berlin News in English - Photo 'News' CC BY-SA 2.0 by eliztesch /

Berlin News: Berlin in the News – and News from Berlin – in English.

If you want to know what’s ‘really’ happening in Berlin, or at least what English media is reporting about Berlin, then this page might be the right place for you.

Here you’ll find a frequently updated compilation of the latest Berlin News in English / by English language media so you can get a picture of what is going on in Berlin, what people in Germany’s capital talk about – and how ‘the rest of the world’ sees Berlin.

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Gay penguins at Berlin zoo wait to be dads

7NEWS / AAP — Saturday, 10. August 2019
"Two homosexual emperor penguins at Berlin Zoo are preparing for the patter of tiny feet after zoo staff gave them an egg to adopt last month. "The two ..."

Far-right fears: Berlin neighbourhood fights back

BBC News / Damien McGuinness — Thursday, 08. August 2019
"In one quiet area of Berlin, local residents are also being targeted. One victim is a bookshop-owner. Another is a historian who runs a gallery. A third is ..."

Berlin to tighten rules for electric scooter users

CityNews Vancouver / The Associated Press — Wednesday, 07. August 2019
"Berlin plans to stop electric scooters from being left haphazardly on sidewalks and other anti-social behaviour that's drawn the ire of residents in the ..."

Berlin airport October 2020 opening “on schedule”

Business Traveller / Mark Caswell — Monday, 05. August 2019
"The CEO of the much-delayed Berlin Brandenburg airport (BER) has said that the start of a new testing phase “confirms that opening BER in October ..."

In Berlin, refugees get classes on sexual consent

Yahoo News / Mathieu FOULKES, AFP — Wednesday, 31. July 2019
"Berlin (AFP) - In a classroom workshop, students watch a video of a man and woman meeting in a nightclub. They drink, laugh, dance and kiss."

Berlin Search Engine Uses Profits to Plant Trees

SPIEGEL ONLINE / Marcel Rosenbach — Wednesday, 24. July 2019
"For every 45 inquiries conducted on its search engine, Berlin startup Ecosia has a seedling planted somewhere on the world. Its founder wants to fight ..."

Berlin police braced for violent May Day protests

The Guardian / Kate Connolly — Tuesday, 30. April 2019
"German police have said they are bracing themselves for violent protests in the capital on 1 May, a traditional day for leftwing demonstrations."

Are the hyper-specialist shops of Berlin the future of retail?

The Guardian / Philip Oltermann / Photographs by Christian Jungeblodt — Monday, 29. April 2019
"It is just one of the surprisingly large number of shops in Berlin that sell only one thing, be it crawly insects, salty sweets, sticky tape or miniature string ..."

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