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Do you need to get rid of metal – by the kilo? And do you even want some money for your old metal parts? Great. Just contact a scrap metal dealer and exchange your trash for some cash. But don’t expect to get rich that way – usually scrap metal dealers only pay a few Euro per metal trash kilo – for rare and expensive metals such as Aluminium and Copper you may get a bit more.

Altmetalle Spannemann OHG

Meyerbeerstraße 61-63
13088 Berlin Weissensee

 Altmetalle Hans Wasdrack

Standort Tiergarten
Quitzowstrasse 40
(Einfahrt über Ellen-Epstein-Str. 15)
10559 Berlin Tiergarten

Kemke Altmetallankauf

Tempelhofer Damm 108
12099 Berlin Tempelhof

And here’s a link to a Google Map with even more scrap metal dealers in Berlin.

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2 thoughts on “scrap metal dealers

  1. Sibilla Molinari

    I’m not quite sure, I understand what this scrap metal dealer is? Is it where you can get money from your metal scraps?


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