Yearly Archives: 2015

Happy nuBerlin! Happy New Year!

It’s the time of the year, when the turn of the year won’t get much closer. So I finally wrapped up some info page about things that might be worth knowing about New Year’s Eve in Berlin. But please don’t expect too much – it’s just some basic rants about Berlin New Year’s Eve traditions […]

Berlin Weather in November: something of everything

Yes, we also had some serious November rain – but also sunshine, blue skies, stormy weather – and the first snow. There was basically something of everything. If you look at the average temperature for Germany, this November was the warmest for the past 130 years – even though temperatures dropped in the second half […]

Even more Hotels built in Berlin

Berlin tourism seems to be an ever increasing business. As the number of tourists is still increasing, the number of hotels is also. At the moment Berlin has already over 500 hotels, providing over 136.000 beds to tired travelers. That is a relatively high number – at least according to media reports in 2012 Berlin […]

Berlin’s two light festivals illuminating the city

This is again a rather typical Berlin story: Berlin now has two light festivals. Introduced 15 years ago, the ‘original’ Festival of Lights became a huge success. October and November used to be ‘difficult’ for Berlin’s tourism business. But now every year over half a million additional overnight stays bring money to the city in […]