Berlin’s two light festivals illuminating the city

This is again a rather typical Berlin story: Berlin now has two light festivals.

Berlin Radio Tower Funkturm - Festival of Lightslights-festival

Berlin Radio Tower Funkturm in blue – Festival of Lightslights-festival – Photo: T.Bortels

Introduced 15 years ago, the ‘original’ Festival of Lights became a huge success. October and November used to be ‘difficult’ for Berlin’s tourism business. But now every year over half a million additional overnight stays bring money to the city in times, when the streets of Berlin used to be rather abandoned.

For an outsider (like me) the development of the light festival situation seems to have some similarities to the development of the art fairs that are held in September. Once success takes control, side projects pop up – and become successful themselves. So besides the Festival of Lights there is now also the festival Berlin leuchtet / Berlin shines.

But is there any difference for the audience? Not really. You will just have to check two schedules, two maps and two festival homepage if you want to find your way through illuminated Berlin in October.

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