Look in the Mirror: 3 best Berlin Christmas markets?!

In yesterday’s article ” 3 best Berlin Christmas markets – and our favourite deals to visit on a budget ” the online edition of the Mirror (mirror.co.uk) got something totally wrong. How is this even possible? Let’s have a look in the Mirror:

“Berlin’s Harz region is home to a number of festive-themed markets around Christmas”

Sorry, but the Harz region is not even close to Berlin. According to reliable sources, the Harz region is about 300km west / south-west of Berlin and it takes a good three hour ride by car to get there!

“…one of Berlin’s famous Christmas markets dotted around its mountainous Harz region.”

This leaves me speechless. But it goes on:

“Villages within the Harz Mountains such as Leipzig, Magdeburg and Goslar…”

First of all: yes, Goslar is actually located in the Harz region – but with a population of over 40.000 it can hardly be called a village. Or can it? Anyways. After my honest opinion at least neither Magdeburg (population > 200.000) nor Leipzig (population > 500.000) can be called ‘Village’. Or am I missing something? Do you have villages with airports and universities in the UK? But nevertheless: both cities (villages?!) are approximately half way between Berlin and the Harz region – none of them closer than 100km to Goslar.

Then the article feature three photos. The first one seems to actually show the Leipzig Christmas Market. The other two are – interesting – at least when you look at them within the surrounding context: both showing Berlin Christmas Markets, but with confusing headlines: the picture headlined “Berlin, Magdeburg” shows the Christmas Market at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz – you can clearly see the Berlin TV Tower in the back. The other photo, headlined “Berlin, Goslar” shows the Christmas Market at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz – the Memorial Church can be seen in the background.

So – what did we learn today? All four cities Leipzig, Magdeburg, Goslar and Berlin do have beautiful Christmas Markets. And so do some Villages within the Harz Mountains. Merry Christmas!

Feel free to read the original article over here:

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