Checking CNN’s Insider Guide: Best of Berlin

From time to time I enjoy reading what others have to say about Berlin – especially when it’s CNN and especially when the headline reads “Insider Guide: Best of Berlin”. Then I really want to know, what others are recommending, what to do and what to see when visiting Berlin  – and what masses of readers are probably reading.

And then, confronted with an article claiming to offer tips on ‘Best of Berlin’ I also like to check the facts, the details, the recommendations. And sometimes I actually do find minor mistakes. Sometimes a name is misspelled, but sometime things are just wrong. And sometimes the whole article is just questionable, like the list of ‘10 things you can do in Berlin’ I recently had a deeper look at I recently enjoyed reading and commenting.

I know, everybody makes mistakes – but when you claim to ‘know where to look’ you should probably be extra careful about what you’re actually writing. I anyways just have to stare at those mistakes anyways – And since some mistakes are rather cute, or at least ‘interesting’, I’d like to share them with you.

Berlin Fast Food: Currywurst

A minor mistake can be found in the recommendations for food. Yes, Currywurst is a big thing in Berlin – and Konnopke’s Imbiss is probably one of the best known places in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg to get one. But even though the food is really fast food, you should at least take your time to fully spell the name “Konnopke” – not “Knopke” – otherwise your readers might be a bit confused when the search engine tries to suggest the correct name. Anyways.

Shopping: Mulackstrasse boutiques

Yes, the Mulackstrasse does offer a variety of different small shops and fashion boutiques. But where again is it located?

Mitte’s Schönenviertel (it means “beautiful quarter”)

I’m awfully sorry to say, but while Berlin probably actually does have some “beautiful quarters”, the quarter that Mulackstrasse is situated in is officially named “Scheunenviertel“. This may or may not look and sound similar to “Schönenviertel” – it has does however have a completely different meaning: “Scheune” means “barn” – in medieval Berlin the “Scheunenviertel” was the ‘Barn Quarter’. See also: Berlin Sightseeing > Scheunenviertel.

Attractions: Pergamon – Museum on an island

The Pergamon is definitely a museum to visit – no doubt about that. The only problem one should probably mention is that large parts of the museum are currently closed. Since September the museum has been under renovation and will probably still be for the next four to five years. If everything goes well, the museum should re-open in 2019.

Enough nit-picking for now. Please feel free to check out CNN’s “Insider Guide: Best of Berlin” yourself. Have a nice stay!

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