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25 years of German Unity – Deutsche Einheit

I wasn’t so sure what the correct English term would actually be: German Unity? German Unification? German Reunification? Anyways – it’s now 25 years that the once divided two German countries became one. On 03 October 1990 the papers were signed – and that was that. Such an anniversary is of course also always a […]

Original Berlin Bolle Milkman Memorial Plaque in Moabit

Today Berlin officials will unveil a memorial plaque in honor of Berlin’s original milkman Carl Bolle (1832-1910). The memorial plaque will be situated in Moabit, Alt Moabit 98, near the grounds where Bolle’s dairy empire was operating some 130 years ago (opened in 1879). Around 1880 Carl Bolle was basically the first, who bought milk […]

7 Historical Photos of the Berlin Wall 1961 – 1989

Today 54 years ago people of Berlin woke up in a divided city. In the early morning hours East German border police had secured the border line between the East and West Berlin sector and workers had begun zu build the actual wall. I took the opportunity to update the Berlin Wall page of nuBerlin […]

Berlin City Palace – historical and current photos

Since 2012 the inner city area around Schlossplatz is a gigantic construction site: the Humboldtforum is built where Berlin’s City Palace once was. I know, most people refer to the new building as ‘The City Castle’ or just “The Castle” – but only because it looks like a castle and it’s located where the old […]

Color Footage from Pre War Berlin (1936)

This eight minute film , shot in Pre War Berlin 1936 is what we would today probably call an Image Film. The film is showing some every day scenes from Berlin in all its beauty – and in all its color – before the Second World War broke out and large parts of Berlin were […]

Historical Berlin Maps online and offline (exhibition)

The Berlin Landesarchiv (Archives of the Land Berlin) in Reinickendorf / Tegel have recently opened an exhibition worth seeing. On display: historical maps of Berlin by Julius Straube, as well as historical photos and posters of Berlin of the 19th century. One particular map from the year 1897 for example resembles what today would probably […]