Berlin City Palace – historical and current photos

Since 2012 the inner city area around Schlossplatz is a gigantic construction site: the Humboldtforum is built where Berlin’s City Palace once was.

I know, most people refer to the new building as ‘The City Castle’ or just “The Castle” – but only because it looks like a castle and it’s located where the old City Palace once was doesn’t make it a City Palace.

Anyways. I will try to dig into that rebuilding- and naming-problem on a different page. This news entry is actually about a series of photos – both historical and current photos – you can find on the website of Berlin’s newspaper Berliner Morgenpost. The intersting part is: some of the current photos are shot from the same perspective as the historical photos, that were shot between 1900 and 1939. A slider lets you switch between the historical view on Berlin’s old City Palace and the view on the construction of the Humboldtforum.

Additionally the ‘Interactive Special’ is enriched with a time lapse video, showing the construction of the ‘New City Palace’ bit also some video footage from the inside of the brand new building.

Here you go:
Das Berliner Stadtschloss damals und heute” (

And here’s the Wikipedia Page about the Berlin City Palace:,_Berlin

If you want to get an impression of what the Old City Palace looked like you may want to watch this 12 minute video:


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You want to know what actually happened to the old City Palace? Well – it got damaged during Second World War bombings – and then it was blown up in 1950 by the East German government.

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