Golden October: Rosenthaler Strasse, TV-Tower

Berlin Rosenthaler Strasse TV-Tower

View from Rosenthaler Strasse near Rosenthaler Platz in the direction of the TV tower on a rather sunny and quite warm day. The silhuette of the TV tower appears slightly pale in the autumn haze, shortly before 12 o’clock the street is still empty. At lunchtime, it will look quite different here, when crowds of people make their way to the lunch table. Because here at Rosi you can get almost anything for a quick meal in between: Doner kebabs, Currywurst, Sushi – and much more.

Maybe the last ‘nice’ day before the wet and gray season begins? We will see…

S-Bahn Ring

S-Bahn Ring Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

View of the S-Bahn ring from Schönfließer Brücke in the direction of Schönhauser Allee or Schönhauser Allee Arkaden on a Sunday evening at sunset.

After rain reflection near Arkonaplatz

Berlin after rain reflection near Arkonaplatz

In the meantime, it has also rained heavily from time to time – and this can still be seen after the rain. Large puddles here and there make progress difficult, but also offer the opportunity to take a few nice photos. Such a ‘reflection’ has also something.

Here in the picture the houses at the corner Wolliner Straße / Fürstenberger Straße (near Arkonaplatz) are reflected.

Street art: ‘Berlin is Yours’ by El Bocho

Berlin street art El Bocho 'Berlin is Yours'

The street artist El Bocho has been active since around 1996. Many of his works deal critically with various current issues such as gentrification and surveillance. His works can be found in many major cities around the world – but El Bocho is particularly active in Berlin, especially with large-scale, often colorful paste-ups, such as this work “Berlin is Yours”, which could be admired in August 2023 at the corner of Kastanienallee / Schwedter Straße.

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Schwedter Steg, Swinemünder Bridge, S-Bahn, rails

Schwedter Steg, Swinemünder Bridge, S-Bahn, rails, Berlin

View from the Schwedter Steg to the Swinemünder Brücke and the railroad and S-Bahn tracks leading to the Gesundbrunnen station. An S-Bahn train is heading towards Gesundbrunnen – a thick cloud hides the sun on this pleasantly warm Sunday in June.