Subway Graffiti

Berlin U-Bahn Graffiti

U-Bahn / Graffiti - Photo: T.Bortels/

You may think that the Berlin subway a.k.a. U-Bahn is quite a clean, maybe even boring environment. At least if you compared it for example to the New York subway of the 80ies and 90ies. At least when you think of Graffiti. But sometimes you will find trains ‘decorated’ with huge colorful Graffiti – some more, others less artistic.

I always enjoy it very much, when I see a Graffiti train passing – other than the Berlin transport service BVG, that is trying to keep the cars clean. But to me it’s always a moment of joy anyways.

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Invalidenstrasse // Ackerstrasse

Invalidenstrasse Ackerstrasse Berlin Mitte

Invalidenstrasse Ackerstrasse – Photo: T.Bortels,

On last week’s Friday a terrible accident happened at the street crossing of Invalidenstrasse // Ackerstrasse in Berlin Mitte. A car crashed into a group of pedestrians – four people got killed, many others injured.

I took this photo a week after the crash. During the past days people had arranged more and more flowers and other items at the crash site…

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