Taking a walk on Tempelhofer Feld

Berlin Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld, view to TV-Tower - Photo: TBortels/nuBerlin.com

In the Summer taking a walk on Tempelhofer Feld is not really my thing. You can’t really hide from the sun – and at least for my taste there is just a bit too much going on. And that is a good thing – but I prefer my walks to be a bit more relaxed. While I do enjoy the walking, Tempelhofer Feld is probably more fun to experience when you have some wheels between you and planet earth – at least on the runways.

Anyways – last weekend we finally took a walk on Tempelhofer Feld – and it was really great. We had some sun to warm us walking the open field – and we saw some of the folks on wheels. And the Berliner Weisse tasted already a bit like Berlin Summer. Yay!

Sunny Monday in Mitte

Berlin Mitte TV-Tower

Sunny Monday in Mitte - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

Yes, weather can be nice in March – sometimes. Last Monday it was sunny. And I had the opportunity to go ‘shopping’ in Mitte. The Dircksenstrasse is basically connecting Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt – and there are some shops to visit. And you also have this iconic view to the Berlin TV-Tower. What a great Monday afternoon shopping experience! – even/especially for a local!

Sign of Love

sign of love, streetart, Berlin

A sign of love - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

Sometimes all you need to see is a sign of love – and I guess this is would it could look like: a sign in the middle of the sidewalk, featuring a heart with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I basically pass this ‘sign of lover’ every day – and I really wonder how this ‘installation’ ended up being the way it is: very basic, very simple. Just an empty sign with a streetart-style heart drawn on it. Well… the world would probably be a better place if only every billboard looked a bit more like this: a clear message with no real meaning. Greatness!

Karl-Marx-Allee / TV-Tower

Berlin Karl-Marx-Allee, TV-Tower

Karl-Marx-Allee near Straussberger Platz - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

Looking down Karl-Marx-Allee towards the Straussberger Platz with the TV-Tower in the background on a cold but sunny day in February. The Karl-Marx-Allee is an iconic socialist boulevard built between 1952 and 1960. Originally the street was called Große Frankfurter Straße. From 1949 until 1961 it was then renamed to Stalinallee, before it was finally named Karl-Marx-Allee. Read on…

“Stop Wars” / Haus der Statistik Otto-Braun-Strasse

'Stop Wars' near Alexanderplatz

'Stop Wars' on the cfacade of Haus der Statistik near Alexanderplatz - Photo: T.Bortels/nuberlin.com

Walking down towards Karl-Marx-Allee, coming from Alexanderplatz, you may have seen the huge piece of streetart written on the building of the former Haus der Statistik (House of Statistics) at the corner of Otto-Braun-Strasse: “STOP WARS”. It is currently probably one of the most photographed pieces of streetart around here – although one may want to argue that it’s actually not art but a political statement. Anyways – stretching over three floors in height the piece it’s quite impressive. Just eight letters – rather simple message – but still so provocative. Brilliant.

For about 8 years the building has been empty now. Chances are that in the near future the building will be used by the initiative Haus der Statistik (hausderstatistik.org) in cooperation with the district Mitte to provide a space for art, artists and various social projects in the very center of Berlin.

Sunrise in Oderberger Strasse

Berlin Sunrise Oderberger Strasse

Sunrise in Oderberger Strasse - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

Getting up early can pay off – especially when it’s a sunny day. It still was quite cold, but the view down Oderberger Strasse is very well worth getting cold hands. And in case you were ever wondering in what direction the Oderberger Strasse is pointing: it pretty much stretches quite accurately in a West-East direction – so you can see the sunrise on the one end of the street and the sunset on the other.

Tram at Kastanienallee / Schönhauser Allee

Berlin Winter: Tram at Kastanienallee Schoenhauser

Sunny winter day: Tram at Kastanienallee Schoenhauser - photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

Winter in Berlin can be very grey and dark and wet and cold and – not so nice. And then again you learn to appreciate a sunny morning with blue skies even more. On these rather rare days Instagram is almost boiling over with photos of sunny streets and blue skies and even though the temperature may still be below zero, people are already gathering on the terraces to have a coffee in the sun.

The photo was taken around 9 o’clock in the morning on one of these cold but sunny days. The streets of Prenzlauer Berg are still rather empty, just a few cyclists, probably on their way their way to work – and a tram / streetcar coming down Schönhauser Allee towards Kastanienallee. Behind that you can see the iconic overpass of the U-Bahn line U2 and the subway station Eberswalder Strasse which is a rather busy spot – but not so much during the early morning hours.

View from Jannowitzbrücke

Berlin Winter view from Jannowitzbruecke

Berlin Winter view from Jannowitzbruecke - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

I recently walked back home from an opening in Kreuzberg – and on the way I enjoyed this stunning winter view from Jannowitzbrücke. The TV Tower is half hidden in the mist, but still reflecting beautifully in the water surface of river Spree. Yes, it was cold – but still very well worth it.