Due to the Corona virus many many places, venues and locations had to close down for quite a while. Also the language school in Kastanienallee was temporarily closed – as was the food stand in front of the school and the sign next to it.

Glass Waste Collection Point

Berlin Glass Recycling

Berlin Glass Recycling - © Photo by T.Bortels/

Living in Berlin you may be quite familiar with this image. Sometimes the containers at your local glass waste collection point could not get emptied in time – but of course people keep leaving bottles and jars at the collection point. So things begin to pile up. And I must admit that I also wouldn’t want to carry the bags full of glass waste back home.

After a while a colorful ‘carpet’ of empty bottles and jars surrounds the containers.

During these strange Corona times the local glass waste collection point also offers another layer of communication. At least you can see that some people are have ‘fun’ somehow, some time, some where.

After taking this photo the glass carpet at this collection pint kept growing for a few more days – but I somehow could not be bothered to take another and yet another photo. Now I kind of regret not documenting the situation. Next time I will.

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Stay Home – Sign of the Corona-Times

Stay Home - Berlin writing on the Wall

Sign of the times – Message to You…

I felt a bit bad and sad reading the writing on the Wall: Stay Home. I just hope that one fine day I can lough about this photo – or at least smile. Currently I try to do my best to keep the Corona numbers down – trying to stay home – which is not easy.

These are crazy times. The Corona Virus has of course also arrived in Berlin. In Mid-March 2020 the city experienced what people call The Lockdown: shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, music venues, theaters, cinemas – basically everything had to shut down. Many did not make it through the first big Corona Shutdown and had to shut down for good.

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