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Berlin Weather in July: a bit like April in Autumn

Berlin Summer Sunset July 2016

Some sunset in July - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

So far Berlin Summer has been a bit like the stock market: up and down. Yes, we had a couple of nice, sunny, warm days – but we definitely also had some cold, windy and quite rainy days. Even if it’s warm and sunny during the day, that doesn’t mean too much for the evening […]

Berlin Weather in January: cold, wet, windy – and sunny

In January we had again something of everything: some wind, some rain, some snow – and some sunlight. The temperature went down to something like -12°C and up to around +12°C – not too bad, but also not really nice. Overall I would say: the Berlin Weather in January was “ok” so far. On the […]

Berlin Weather in November: something of everything

Yes, we also had some serious November rain – but also sunshine, blue skies, stormy weather – and the first snow. There was basically something of everything. If you look at the average temperature for Germany, this November was the warmest for the past 130 years – even though temperatures dropped in the second half […]

Photo: Hanging out at Weinbergspark Berlin-Mitte

Last weekend – hanging out at Weinbergspark. The weather was friendly enough to hang out in the park, only a few drops of rain – but that was just refreshing. And I took the opportunity to test my new long-exposure app – and I think the result is quite ok.

storm passing through Berlin region

For today and tomorrow an official weather warning for Berlin (and other regions) has been released: a heavy storm named ‘Xaver’ is passing through. The speed of wind is expected to go up 100 or even 150 km/h – that’s around 60 – 100 miles per hour. It might rain and/or snow during the evening […]

Winter has come to town

Finally winter has arrived. Last night it snowed some impressive centimeters – and now “everything” is covered by a thin white layer of snow. And I guess I take the opportunity to move my sledging post from my previous Berlin Blog over here – so in case you are interested in riding a sledge down […]

Berlin Marathon – world record and perfect weather

Today the 38th Berlin-Marathon is taking place – or actually it took place. For some runners the Marathon is already over, some others still have to rund a couple of kilometers before they can relax.. Patrick Makau from Kenia was first – again – and with just about two hours (2:03:38) he broke the world […]

Berlins Streets and Sidewalks cleaned before Easter

I found this news sounded quite promissing: the Berlin city cleaning service BSR is planning to clean all Berlin streets and sidewalks before Easter. But when is Easter? This year the Easter Weekend will be on the first weekend of April. That means there is only four weeks left to clean the city – or […]