Berlins Streets and Sidewalks cleaned before Easter

I found this news sounded quite promissing: the Berlin city cleaning service BSR is planning to clean all Berlin streets and sidewalks before Easter. But when is Easter?

This year the Easter Weekend will be on the first weekend of April. That means there is only four weeks left to clean the city – or to look at this from a different angle: up to four weeks we’ll have to cope with sidewalks full of christmas trees, new year’s rockets, empty bottles and other left overs of the past 2-3 months I don’t really want to name..

For tourists guests the shituation situation may be clean and clear a bit earlier, since the BSR is working their way from inner city areas to outskirts, BSR chief Vera Gäde-Butzlaff said in an interview with RadioEins. Various ‘Hot-Spots’ like Ku’damm, Hackescher Makt and Unter den Linden have already been cleaned,  Britz, Marzan, and Köpenick will probably have to be a little patient.

Well – I suppose the idea of getting rid of all that dirt stuff is another quite good reason to look forward for Easter..:]

an here’s the dates for Easter 2010:
01.04.2010 – Holy Thursday
02.04.2010 – Good Friday
04.04.2010 – Easter Sunday
05.04.2010 – Easter Monday

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