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Berlin’s new major elected: Michael Müller

Last weekend the members of Berlin’s co-ruling party SPD (social democrats) elected Michael Müller as follower of Klaus Wowereit. Wowereit had announced his resignation already in august 2014, leaving the question of who might follow completely unanswered. Three candidated were in the race, Michael Müller won with a majority of almost 60%. Müller is well […]

community-owned energy supply petition results

Congratulations: 200000 signatures were needed, but in the end over 260000 people signed the petition. That means that the petition is a success and now further steps towards a community-owned energy supply can follow… I’m looking forward to this new step towards a community-owned infrastructure. First Berlin water supply got back into public hand, now […]

Tempodrom sold, Berlin pays extra

In today’s online issue the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel confirms previous rumors: the Tempodrom is sold, the compulsory auction of the venue near Anhalter Bahnhof scheduled for today is canceled: “The Bremen based business group KPS has bought the venue Tempodrom in Kreuzberg.” [tagesspiegel.de] Basically this should be good news for all parties involved – if […]