Green-Red coalition talks fail at Autobahn plans

First it seemed as if both sides had found a compromise regarding the expansion of the city autobahn A100 – a compromise that would have kept the Social Democrats and the Greens from loosing their face. But now this compromise appears to be a foul compromise – and both parties have a different interpretation of its meaning and its consequenses, hence both sides blame the other for not beeing willing to compromise on the topic. Currently a coalition between SPD and the Greens seems to be out of sight – at least if you are listening to what Berlins mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD), the head of Berlins Social Democrats Party Michael Müller and the head of Berlins Green Party Volker Ratzmann say.

Well – usually, and especially in politics, things don’t have to be as bad as they seem. Maybe we are just witnessing two parting competing each other – and maybe the just want to make a good impression on the voters. Maybe they just “show off” how good they can fight – and in the end  sign the coalition contract, the compromise anyways. Or maybe not.

It could actually also be that the green-red-idea is already doomed – and that instead today was the day the future city coulcil was formed, and the road was cleared for a coalition between the Censervative Party and the Social Democrats.. At least the hot topic Autobahn – or actually the expansion of the A100 would probably an “easier topic” for the CDU  than for the Greens. But of course there are other probably even more important subjects for Berlins future – and we’ll soon find out if the Conservative Party and the SOcial Democrats will meet on common ground – or not. And maybe we can already today look forward for a potentially upcoming headline “Black-Red coalition talks fail at…” …=)

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