Berlin city council elections 2011

The people of Berlin can lean back and relax – they have already voted. Now Klaus Wowereit – or actually the ruling Social Democrats Party has to decide, with whom they want to work together for the next five years.

The first option would probably to partner with the Green Party. But looking at the votes both parties received, this would be a rather risky walk on thin ice: together both parties received just enough votes needed to form a government: one seat. But would that one seat be enough, to run the city?

A coalition between the Conservative Party CDU and the Social Democrats SPD would probably be a much more stable constellation – regarding the seats – regarding the numbers. But would there be enough overlapping views on how to deal with Berlin’s problems for the next five years? Actually looking at what people would favor the numbers draw a different picture – the majority of people seems to think a Red-Green government would be better for the city instead.

Well. Currently there is a lot of debate going on. This week the Social Democrates met with both Greens and Conservatives to negotiate about the different points of view on the major topics such as the extension of the Autobahn A 100, the expansion of the new airport Berlin Brandenburg International, the future of Kindergarden fundings etc. – and next Monday the public will probably be informed about the first results of these talks. We may stay tuned.

Here’s again the results of this years Berlin elections:

Social Democrats / SPD: 28,3%
Conservative Party / CDU: 23,4%
The Greens / Grüne: 17,6%
The Lefts / Socialists / Die Linke: 11,7%
The Pirate Party / Piraten: 8,9%
The National-/Right-Wing Party / NPD: 2,1%
The Liberals / FDP: 1,8%

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