Tempodrom sold, Berlin pays extra

In today’s online issue the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel confirms previous rumors: the Tempodrom is sold, the compulsory auction of the venue near Anhalter Bahnhof scheduled for today is canceled: “The Bremen based business group KPS has bought the venue Tempodrom in Kreuzberg.” [tagesspiegel.de]

Basically this should be good news for all parties involved – if only the city of Berlin would not lose a lot of money on this deal. What went wrong? First the construction of the Tempodrom turned out to be way more expensive, than originally calculated. With bankruptcy and insolvency around the corner Berlin guaranteed financial security of various credits, that now turned out to be bad loans. The real financial value of the building is estimated around 3 million Euros, original construction costs were about ten times higher. During the last years the city of Berlin signed financial guarantees summing up aroun ‘several million’ – the exact amount of money that Berlin now has to pay currently remains unclear.

Now let’s have a look at the possible future of the Tempodrom: as already stated the venue with the spectacular architecture is now owned by Bremen based KPS – also known as  “KPS Concertbüro GmbH”. KPS is a concert organizer, who originally operated mainly in the North of Germany in the geographical area around Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover. Nowadays KPS also owns the Berliner summer venue Waldbühne and the online ticket shopping portal “eventim”.  With the Tempodrom KPS now has a acquire a live venue, that would enable KPS also in winter months to host concerts in Berlin – and therefor might be seen as a bad weather pendant to Waldbühne. Congratulations!

please feel free to check the original german article over here:
–> www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/Tempodrom-Kreuzberg…

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