With Legs Wide Open – A Whore’s Ride Through History

Tuesday 26. March 2024 — Monday 26. August 2024
With Legs Wide Open - With Legs Wide Open – A Whore’s Ride Through History, Schwules Museum, Berlin

The whores from the Museum of Sex Work speak out! How does the clothing that whores wore in the Middle Ages feel? What health knowledge have they always shared? In which parts of Berlin did queer culture and sex work intersect? How did sex workers experience the Holocaust and German colonial history? What might a brothel look like in a better future, where STI tests are always free, the tea is always hot and Hurenpässe are no longer necessary? A sex worker led collective has curated a German and Berlin history from a whore’s perspective using archival material, oral history and artistic interventions. The central idea: Nothing about us without us! Sex work history as whorestory, as a critical examination of institutional devaluation, regulation, and surveillance, but also as a visualization of sex work culture through the ages, from the Middle Ages to contemporary activism. …”

Schwules Museum
Lützowstraße 73
10785 Berlin
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