Exhibitions in Berlin in December 2024

A list of exhibitions to see while you are in Berlin in December 2024.

Please feel free to submit you suggestions of upcoming exhibitions through this form. Thank you!

Rein ins Gemälde! Eine Zeitreise für Kinder

Dive into the Picture! Time Travel for Kids
Kids exhibition

Deutsches Historisches Museum
“Who hasn’t wished at some time in their life to slip into an old painting from past times, meet the people there, and find out how they lived? The…“
Heavy Metal in the GDR

Heavy Metal in the GDR

Museum in der Kulturbrauerei
“Louder, harder, faster – heavy metal fascinates young people the world over in the 1980s. Whilst bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden conquer the…“
Profitopolis Museum der Dinge Berlin

Profitopolis – or the Condition of the City

Museum der Dinge
“With the exhibition “Profitopolis or the Condition of the City”, the Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge promotes the city as a central topic.…“