Top 17 Home Countries of Berlin Visitors

Roaming across Berlin City you may have noticed, that there are quite some tourists visiting Berlin in the summer. And you may have asked yourself “So where are all the tourists actually coming from?” Spoiler: the top 3 home countries are Germany, USA and the UK.

The Berlin office for statistics (Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg) actually knows quite well, where Berlin’s visitors are coming from. And recently they released a data report on the actual numbers of people that stayed at Berlin hotels and hostels in June.

I flipped through the numbers and decided to take only the data for countries with a five digit number of visitors. I also added the change compared to June 2014. What I find most interesting here is that tourist numbers for tourists coming from Germany and directly neighbors France, Denmark, Poland and The Netherlands are actually declining while the total average is up more than 4%.

So – here’s the Top 17 Home Countries for June 2015:

Origin: Number: Change:
Germany 672.380 -2.8%
United States of America USA 52.325 +21.9%
United Kingdom UK 50.159 +13.9%
Spain 28.658 +58.7%
Italy 23.340 +25.6%
Switzerland 21.841 +10.4%
Netherlands 20.188 -4.6%
France 16.992 -8.4%
Sweden 15.055 +14.5%
China and Hong Kong 13.932 +60%
Poland 13.253 -5.1%
Austria 13.198 +0.2%
Russia 12.860 +2.2%
Denmark 12.550 -5.1%
Israel 11.713 +13.1%
Australia and New Zealand 11.161 +5.6%
other countries 138.517
total 1.128.122 +4.3%

Data: CC BY Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg

And where are you from?
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