Violence and Mugging at Berlin’s nightlife hotspot RAW

Last weekend was a bad weekend for Berlin’s bubbling nightlife and clubbing area known as the RAW area near Warschauer Brücke / Revaler Strasse in Berlin Friedrichshain. Two violent attacks made it to the headlines of Berlin’s news.

What had happened? First two dutch tourists were attacked and robbed – and only shortly after another night crawler was attacked and robbed violently in a quite similar manner.

RAW-Area Berlin-Friedrichshain Entrance Revaler Str Tor1

RAW-Area Berlin-Friedrichshain, entrance at Revaler Strasse – Photo by Mikado59 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Both attacks followed a similar pattern: first a wallet was ‘almost’ stolen. On the victims fighting back the attackers called for reinforcements and things got out of hand.

The two dutch guests were beaten up badly by a group of around fifteen people. One of Dutchmen’s wallet got stolen and the group of attackers vanished. After the fight the two suffered “significant facial and head injuries” (Telegraaf) and had to be treated in hospital.

Also the other attack ended in hospital: after the victim fought back he was attacked with a knife by a partner of the original attacker. He had to be hospitalized with an almost fatal cut on his throat.

As far as I know in a first statement to the press Berlin police didn’t see any connection between the two cases. At least Berlin police didn’t see any signs of organized crime here. Maybe it’s then un-organized crime?! Anyways. In a facebook posting Berlin’s police now has released a list of tips for Berlin party crawlers. I’ll try to translate some of the details of that statement:

  • When you’re going out, leave valuable things you don’t necessarily need at home – such as jewellery, watches etc. Other valuable things like mobile phones and money should be kept close to the body. Money can be hidden in pockets, socks and shoes.
  • When you’re approached ‘strangely’ by somebody you don’t know ask your friend if they know him/her in a loud voice. Chances are that the person will refrain from … whatever he/she intended to do.
  • When you realize that somebody has just taken something from you, speak out loudly what just happened. Try to attract the attention of your friends or bystanders – a group is less vulnerable or ‘attackable’ than a single person. Try to get a door keeper’s or bar keeper’s attention.
  • Don’t try to hinder the mugger by force. No thing is as valuable as your health.
  • Do not provoke the muggers. most likely they are prepared for such a situation, while you are not. Do not try to use ‘things’ as a weapon – the attackers may have weapons with them.
  • Try to escape the situation as quick as possible. Run!
  • Contact the police as soon as possible. Only if the police knows of such incidents they can do something about it so that you can go partying safely.

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