Berlin Weather: August-Autumn vs September-Summer

Currently Berlin Weather seems to behave a bit weird: it’s still August, but the temperatures are hardly climbing above the 20°C mark (which would be 68°F). And the trees actually seems to loose their leaves already. So is this still summer? Or is it already Autumn? Autumn in August? Please not. It’s not really cold – but it’s not warm either. It doesn’t feel like Summer at the moment.

Berlin Weather: autumn leaves in August 2015

Autumn in August: leaves covering the lawn at Zionskirchplatz – Photo:

Good news / not so good news: it’s not Autumn yet – and the leaves probably ‘just’ fell off the trees because the past months were just way to dry. And it seems that another ‘heat wave’ is just ahead of us: the weather report is promising whooping 33°C already this weekend, topped by 34°C on Monday. For the Fahrenheit aware folks: that would be some 91°F – 93°F on Sunday / Monday. And the sun is actually supposed to come out already this afternoon.

So far the forecast says this ‘heat wave’ will only stay for couple of days – next week temperatures will go down again towards the 20°C mark. But – you never know.

So – chances are, we have another Summer Weekend ahead of us – and all the summer activities should once again be possible. Whether you prefer hanging by a lake or grilling in the park – this weekend should be a good one for such activities. Time to leave the August-Autumn behind and hope for a September-Summer.

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