Drunk man took hostage in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Some Berlin news from last night: shortly after half past midnight, a 24 year old man entered an apartment in Berlin Prenzlauerberg’s Christburger Strasse. He then called the hotline of the Berlin fire department and claimed he had taken a hostage.

The fire department then called the police and went straight to Christburger Strasse. When the police arrived, the ‘hostage’ – a 59 year old man, is already free and is taken care of by the medical staff of the fire department. The drunk man had hurt the ‘hostage’ on the wrist while ‘holding’ him. The ‘hostage’ anyways still escaped rather easily.

The 24 year old man then ‘welcomed’ the police by throwing things from the third floor kitchen window – media reports say that there were also kitchen knives among those ‘things’ thrown from the window.

The police then went to the third floor, talked to the man through the closed door and asked him to open the door. By then the man had already calmed down and replied he would want to open the door, but couldn’t because the door was locked and the key was broken and stuck inside the lock. The police then opened the door by force. A first alcohol test revealed the man was quite drunk: 2.31‰. The man was then escorted to a nearby hospital. Good morning Berlin!

Here’s the news in German at Tagesspiegel.de:
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg Betrunkener scheitert mit ‘Geiselnahme‘”

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