RIP Kadir Nurman – inventor of the Döner Kebab

There are things, that you probably think of that they would always have been. The Disco Ball is such a thing – and also Curry Wurst and Döner Kebab. And actually surprisingly quite many things were invented in Berlin – at least all the three things mentioned before are a.f.a.I.k. Berlin inventions.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find out who actually originally invented those things – but with the Döner Kebab Berlin style we can at least track the path of origin down to two people. One of them, turkish born Berliner Kadir Nurman, died already a month ago – on October 24th.

Since then I have this little note on my desk that I wanted to write something about Kadir Nurman, the Döner Kebab and Berlin fast food in general – but never found the time. Now, one month later, I  at least leave this little blog entry: Rest in Peace, Kadir Nurman.

Read on about at Wikipedia:

And more about the Döner Kebab over here:öner_kebab

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