Berlin Christmas Markets

It’s this time of the year, that not only christmas markets are popping up here and there and everyhwere, but also aticles and blog posts about christmas markets. Why? Because it’s this time of the year…:)

In case you’re not aware of the german tradition of christmas markets, here’s a short intoduction: about a month before christmas, you can see these ensembles of booths beeing installed and combined with christmas trees, special light installations – sometimes even rides like roundabouts and ferris wheels are added. The booths will probably offer everything and anything from Glühwein (punch) to diy-socks, from candy to curry wurst. Depending on the *theme* of the market (if there is any) the range of goods offered may vary.

In smaller town you’ll find these arrangements probaly on some central square, probably on some market square, probaly near city hall. And since Berlin is a collection of small towns you’ll find lots of these markets – probably on some market square around the corner, down the street.

Coming up: a list of Berlins Christmas Markets

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