BVG: public transport strike -and Easter

It looks as if the Berlin public transport strike was over – and actually Trams, Busses and Subways are back on track – for now.. And it is actually half-way true: this week the Tram-, Bus- and Subway-Drivers quit striking and after almost two weeks finally began to work again. But beware: just before Easter the BVG-workshops quit working. Instead of 600 there’s now only around 30 people taking care of the cars.. – ..and that means thatthere might be less vehicles in operation. Yesterday the number of BVG-busses working was already down to 80% – which basically means one out of five is down.

For Easter the workers union ‘promissed’ that everything would be back to ‘normal’ – but there might still be irregularities and delays on some lines..

..and what will the public transport situation be after the Easter Weekend..? ..probably -back-to-normal- …which could mean -back-to-strike-.. – ..we’ll soon find out..:]

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