Yearly Archives: 2008

BVG: public transport strike -and Easter

It looks as if the Berlin public transport strike was over – and actually Trams, Busses and Subways are back on track – for now.. And it is actually half-way true: this week the Tram-, Bus- and Subway-Drivers quit striking and after almost two weeks finally began to work again. But beware: just before Easter […]

BVG: public transport strike

Already yesterday most of Berlin’s public tranport system BVG went on strike – or actually of course the workers of the BVG went on strike – not the public tranport system itself. Anyways. The timing for this ‘biggest strike ever’ was quite perfect: snowy weather took the traffic problems to the next level.. Anyways – […]

free wireless internet for Berlin least that seems to be the vague idea of Michael Müller, head of Berlin’s social democrats party SPD. So far it is not clear if this wireless web access would grant full range free access to ‘the real web’ – or just some kind of ‘city web’. The city of Heidelberg at least offers […]