finally – welcome to my brand new blog..:]

Luckily enough I was thinking it over and over again – and again – and finally I came to the conclusion, that it’s probably perfectly ok to have another website up and running.. Yes, I do have already some other websites online – dedicated to various topics and techniques – but this one will be dedicated to everything Berlin only.

I registred this address already some months ago – but only now I find the right moment to actually write this very first entry (I guess it’s just like with all the other things: the first entry is always the hardest..?). Well..

So – why today..? ..what’s going on in Berlin today..? Lots of things, probably..:] One thing – which is probably the thing of today:
-> the Berlinale opening. And again I’ll probably be sitting on the couch at home, feeling just a bit ashamed listening and watching interviews.. Some journalists seem to love to ask Berlinale VIPs the same questions again and again like, that I actually find a bit embarrassing – like “Hello, Mr. Clooney – do you like Berlin more than Cannes..?” or like “Ms. Jolie – or may I say ‘Angelina’..? have almost the same forename like our Bundeskanzlerin has!” or maybe also “ you have Schneematsch* in Hollywood..?” (*snow slush)

I don’t know.. – ..anyways – right in time for the Berlinale opening we currently actually do have at least some nice looking Schneematsch here in Berlin..:]

..greetings! till..

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