Berlin apartment rent index 2007

hurray – the new apartment rent index is out!

Actually the new Berlin apartment rent index was already released last week – but as you might have noticed already I always need a little time to sit down and write.. – ..whatever..:]

So – what is so new about this new apartment rent index? ..that Berlin rents are rising slowly but surely..? Well – that’s already old news. No – there’s of course more to the rent index than just some old news: for me it was entertainment and headaches for at least one afternoon. When I heard about the new index I had to check the related website right away and only a few moments later I found myself entering my home address and checking and un-checking those little checkboxes just to find out what I already knew before: that the rent for our apartment hits the upper limit for rents in our neighbourhood – for apartments with a similar condition/heating/floor/outfit.. But it is actually fun to find that out!

Besides this online tool there’s also a colorful Berlin map, indicating three different ‘housing area qualities’ – but the map is offered in such a bad quality that it is almost impossible to guess your neighbourhood by the streets – at least the borders of the districts are clearly visible. There’s still things that need improvement.

well – so here’s the link to the ‘appartment rent index’ (’Mietspiegel’):

enjoy browsing! Greetz, Till..

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