Yearly Archives: 2007

S-Bahn – city train strike

Starting this post I first have to mention some translation curiosities I stumbled upon: I first could not really believe that the English word for ‘Streik’ is ’strike’ – but that’s what my online dictionary suggested.. Well. Then I was wondering how I could translate the name of the German railway company – a word-by-word […]

Redesigning Oderberger Street

You could read it on Flyers attached to trees, glued to street lamps, pinned to doors – and also the black stripes (not a band) hanging from trees and bushes in the Oderberger Street made it quite clear: the Oderberger Street (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg) is about to be reshaped’, rebrushed’, ‘redesigned’. The city council’s motivation […]

Berlin apartment rent index 2007

hurray – the new apartment rent index is out! Actually the new Berlin apartment rent index was already released last week – but as you might have noticed already I always need a little time to sit down and write.. – ..whatever..:] So – what is so new about this new apartment rent index? ..that […]


finally – welcome to my brand new blog..:] Luckily enough I was thinking it over and over again – and again – and finally I came to the conclusion, that it’s probably perfectly ok to have another website up and running.. Yes, I do have already some other websites online – dedicated to various topics […]