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The Weinbergsweg is a ‘ramp’ connecting Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. It stretches between Fehrbelliner Strasse and Torstrasse – beyond Fehrbelliner Strasse it continues / turns into the Kastanienallee. Besides the park ‘Weinbergspark’ and the bars and cafés near Rosenthaler Platz / Torstrasse there is actually not much to see on Weinbergsweg.

You will probably notice that many people go up and down Weinbergsweg. Going uphill can be quite painful – so some people tend to walk with their bikes. But going downhill can be great fun since at least for Berlin / North-German conditions it is quite a steep street. If you happen to bike down Weinbergsweg yourself please be careful: you can gain quite some speed – and there is tram rails – and near Rosenthaler Platz people coming from a bar or from the park might jump on the street right in front of you.

Weinbergsweg, Weinbergspark, Berlin-Mitte

looking down Weinbergsweg towards Rosenthaler Platz

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