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Average Salary in Berlin

Berlin average salary report 2015

What is the average salary in Berlin? View to the Berlin TV Tower - Photo: T.Bortels/

The Berlin office for statistics Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg have just released numbers about the Average Salary in Berlin (2015 Q3). And I must admit I am a little bit surprised about some of the details. Monthly Average Salary in Berlin in 2015: 2.953 Euro If you add all the number up – the average […]

Statistics: Traffic Accident Casualties in Berlin 1995 – 2014

The Berlin office for statistics Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg have recently released numbers about traffic accidents in Berlin. The good news is: the overall trend seems to be that numbers are declining. While in 1995 over 140 people died in traffic accidents in Berlin, about 20 years later that number is down to ‘only’ 52 […]

Top 17 Home Countries of Berlin Visitors

Roaming across Berlin City you may have noticed, that there are quite some tourists visiting Berlin in the summer. And you may have asked yourself “So where are all the tourists actually coming from?” Spoiler: the top 3 home countries are Germany, USA and the UK. The Berlin office for statistics (Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg) […]

Berlin: a Single City (both male and female)

Are you single? Or I should actually rather ask: Are you living alone? The good news is: you are not alone. A recent research tells us, the majority of Berlin apartments are inhabited by one person – or in other words: the majority of Berlin households are single-person households. For long-term Berliners this probably isn’t […]

Berlin Apartment Rent – the Berlin Rent Index 2015

The Private Residential Rent – or Apartment Rent Index for Berlin has just been released. Any surprises? Not so much: slowly but surely Berlin’s apartment rents are rising. But how much? And are Berlin apartments still affordable? That is actually not so easy to answer. Ok – let’s face it: to rent an apartment in […]