First design for David Bowie Memorial Plaque revealed

Berlin’s Minister for Culture Tim Renner just presented the first design of the David Bowie Memorial Plaque which is about to be mounted on the building in Hauptstraße 155 later this year. Renner basically posted a first photo on his facebook page, asking for feedback. And – yes – feedback  there was.

Most people seem to be rather disappointed by the design and the inscription, to say the least. Some say it was looking cheap, others even call it awfully ugly. And then there is also a spelling mistake: “Triologie” instead of “Trilogy”. And also Tim Renner himself seems to have his doubts about the design, beginning his posting with a “Hmmm”.

At the moment, next to Bowie’s name and date of birth and date of death the current design of the memorial plaque would also feature somthing like an introduction – in case the reader might not know who Bowie was: “The Singer, Composer, Actor, Painter kept reinventing himself…” – why not also list that he was also a great piano player, clown, philosopher and …

Well – have a look for yourself. Luckily enough there is still some time for a revision – currently the inauguration of the David Bowie Memorial Plaque is scheduled for August 17th or 22nd.

Does Berlin actually even need a David Bowie Memorial Plaque? I don’t know…

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