Berlin Marathon Weekend – and how to get around

Every year on the last weekend of September the Berlin Marathon is held – and it can become a bit difficult, to get from A to B. The actual Marathon is held on Sunday – but since the actual Marathon is not the only Marathon this weekend, there are probably more streets closed than on any other weekend during the rest of the year. Let’s have a look at what is closed – and how to literally get around…

First things first: U-Bahn and S-Bahn are probably the most reliable means of transportation over the Marathon Weekend. So if you need to go to the Airport or catch a train, you better neither try to get there in time by bus, by tram or by Taxi – unless you’re sure you’re not crossing paths with the Marathon route.

And even if you’re trying to just go for a walk – chances are that you can not actually cross the street for a couple of hours, unless there is a U-Bahn station nearby or something the like. Have a closer look at the Interactive Map over at the official website: – you can switch between participants’, visitors’ and residents’ view and see all streets closed for traffic from a pulldown menu on the left side of the map.

Of course you can also just stay at home and watch the Berlin Marathon either live on TV – or online – here is the live stream by regional TV broadcasting station RBB:

Update: Eliud Kipchoge from Kenia just won the 42nd Berlin-Marathon, running world best time of 2:04:01 –– two hours, four minutes  and one second.

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