Berlin S-Bahn strike this week

Again Deutsche Bahn will go on trike this week – and, again Berlin’s public transport provider S-Bahn, owned by Deutsche Bahn, will be affected. Here’s how and when the strike will strike tomorrow (Wednesday, 22nd of April) and the day after (Thursday, 23rd of April).

About 30% of regular S-Bahn traffic will run. That means most of the stations will be connected – the plans are that every twenty minutes there should be a train. However, the popular ‘Ringbahn’ that rides all across Berlin in a large scale circle, will not be operating at all.

Berlin’s main public transport operator BVG is planning to help with additional and longer U-bahn trains, busses and trams – but you should not rely on this backup to work very well and instead add some extra travelling time to your schedule.


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