Berlin Detroit – Detroit Berlin

Back in the days of techno, there were some rather strong connections between the two cities Detroit and Berlin*. Bands from both cities influenced each other, and every now and then  techno DJs from Detroit visited Berlin to perfom in one Berlin’s techno clubs – and Berlin DJs visited Detorit to spin some vinyl in Detroit’s night life.

That was back in the 90ies.

Since then both cities changed a lot. In sort: Detroit’s inustry went down, Berlin’s tourism industry went up. Now Berlin’s “techno legend” Dimitri Hegemann was recently visiting Detroit, suggesting to “use the power of abandoned spaces”to re-vive the city – just as Berlin did.

Read on at Detroit Free Press:
Berlin techno entrepreneur continues to eye Detroit

PS: Kraftwerk?! E-Werk!!

*PS2: There’s even at least one sampler called “Berlin-Detroit Techno Alliance”
PS3: More about Techno, Detroit, Berlin and all that Jazz:

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