Berlin traffic accident statistics

Less accidents, more people dead. That’s the shocking news from the Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg (“Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg”).

During the first eight months of this year 34 people got killed in traffic accidents across the city. In 2013 there were ‘only’ 26 people killed during the same time period. That is more than 4 dead per month – or more than one per week – and means an increase of over 30 percent, compared to 2013.

What the statistics don’t tell us is who – or how people got killed. But it is pretty obvious, that most of the people killed were either bicyclists, or pedestrians. If you want to dig deeper there is another statistic – soley about bicycle accidents – at ->

So pease (PLEASE!) be careful, when riding your bike across Berlin city – or even when crossing the street. You may be on holiday, and the city may feel safe – but there is actually a lot of sh–t happening. Please try to avoid dangerous situations.
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The full statistic report about this years deadly accidentscan be found here  ->

This blog post was inspired by this german article at ->…


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