public transport: U6 is back

Finally, after 16 months the disruption of U-Bahn line U6 is over. No more “Pendelverkehr”, no more walking between Friedrichstrasse and Französische Strasse. Just jump on that train and non-stop travel across the city.

The disruption was necessary to make work on the new U-Bahn station Unter den Linden possible, where good old U6 and brand new U55 will meet. In the near future you’ll be able to switch between both lines under ground.

The U55 was – and still is a hot discussed mayor project. Originally planned in the 90ies it was named “chancellor subway” because it was pushed by chancellor Helmut Kohl himself. It never really became clear why that subway line was so important. It was often questioned, why millions and millions of Euros should be burnt to build a subway line, that serves almost an identical route as the S-Bahn does, connecting the central train station Hauptbahnhof with Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz. The is various theories – also some conspiracy theories (I even made up my own). But that’s a different story.

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