q: what petition? a: the petition!

setting: me entering the local super market, catching a bike from from falling. a woman approaches me…

me: wasn’t me!
woman:: oh, great, thank you! By the way: have you signed the petition?
me: what petition?
woman: THE petition!
me: ahm – i signed some petition..
woman: what petition?
me: various petitions.. What’s your petition about?
woman: my petition? it’s the current petition… Ahm – when was it the last time you signed a petiion? The water petition?
me: probably yes – at least i signed that petition..
woman: ok – then you haven’t signed THIS petition….
me: what’s it about?
woman: oh sorry – it’s about power / electricity.. the power grid – the Berlin power grid..
me: ah ok – sorry.. I guess i haven’t signed THAT petition yet…

Ah – the petition:
also available in english:

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