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Berlin by Numbers: Births, Marriages, Deaths

Here we go for another edition of Berlin by Numbers. I really do like statistics – they tell so much about Life and Death. Looking at the bare numbers of Birth, Marriage and Death can be – refreshing…? I don’t know. And Berlin statistics are then again special in their own way, since the city […]

Average Salary in Berlin

Berlin average salary report 2015

What is the average salary in Berlin? View to the Berlin TV Tower - Photo: T.Bortels/nuBerlin.com

The Berlin office for statistics Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg have just released numbers about the Average Salary in Berlin (2015 Q3). And I must admit I am a little bit surprised about some of the details. Monthly Average Salary in Berlin in 2015: 2.953 Euro If you add all the number up – the average […]

Berlin: a Single City (both male and female)

Are you single? Or I should actually rather ask: Are you living alone? The good news is: you are not alone. A recent research tells us, the majority of Berlin apartments are inhabited by one person – or in other words: the majority of Berlin households are single-person households. For long-term Berliners this probably isn’t […]