Hotel Adlon

The original Hotel Adlon once was one of the most famous hotels in Europe. It opened its doors in 1907 and became not only a top overnight accommodation for the rich and famous, but also a venue hosting events and parties and had basically everything to offer, the upper class society expectd: ballrooms, a ladies’ lounge, a library, a music room, a cigar shop, and even an interior garden with a Japanese-themed elephant fountain. Top notch.

The Hotel was then almost completely destroyed at the end of World War I. In 1952 the main building was then torn down by the East German government, reshaping the Pariser Platz. The remaining parts were still used as a hotel – but closed in the 197ies. In 1984, only five years before the Berlin Wall came down, the remaining parts of the Hotel Adlon were torn down – probably because it was too close to the border line between East and West Berlin.

After the Fall of the Berlin Wall the Hotel was rebuilt in its original shape and reopened to the public in 2004. So if you happen to visit Hotel Adlon today, you will find yourself in a rather new building, built on a historical layout.

Today the Hotel Adlon has 382 rooms on six floors, of which 80 are suits. The Royal-Suite is 220 square meters of size, two smaller ‘President Suites’ are each 185 square meters large. One night at one of the two President Suites costs approximately 12.500 Euros – the Royal-Suite is a bit more expensive.

There are two restaurants to choose from, a pool and a wellness area. An over 500 square meters large ballroom is the very heart of the Hotel, neighbored by two winter gardens with black and white marble flooring.

If you just want to visit the Hotel Adlon, you can of course have a snack at one of the restaurants or have a drink at the Bar. The Adlon is offering quite affordable ‘specials’ such as the “Currywurst & Chmpaign” which will cost you less than 40 Euro per person. Or go visit the Adlon for a special breakfast experience: the ‘all you can eat’ Breakfast Buffet at Adlon is available at less than 50,- Euro per person. And with a price tag well under 30 Euros the Busines Lunch is almost a bargain.

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