Der harte Norden – Heavy Metal aus den Nordischen Ländern
Extreme Metal: So sieht er aus, so fühlt er sich an, so klingt er

Friday 9. June 2023 — Friday 29. September 2023
Der harte Norden – Heavy Metal aus den Nordischen Ländern

The Nordic metal scene is known all over the world. What was once an underground phenomenon has become a gigantic industry. Extreme metal bands are now welcomed into the most respected cultural institutions and are awarded prizes by governments. It has been an astonishing transformation. This is a scene that was created in the shadows, by teenagers for teenagers, with no ambition of reaching a wider audience. Young enthusiasts sending demo tapes across the world, making cut-and-paste fanzines. Building a community via handwritten letters, fueled by the pure joy of pushing boundaries, both sonic and aesthetic. …”

Nordische Botschaften
Felleshus | Gemeinschaftshaus
Rauchstraße 1
D-10787 Berlin
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