Chez Icke
The pub - a parallel universe

Friday 24. February 2023 — Sunday 28. May 2023
Exhibition Chez Icke - Kommunale Galerie Berlin

“The pub. Place to go. Home. Favorite place. Place to talk, dance, laugh, cry, drink, rebel, fall down and get up. The pub has a long tradition. It is part of everyday urban life and shapes urban culture. Here, people have discussed, politicized and made history. For many guests, the pub is a place of refuge and offers company at the same time. Alcohol, gambling, intoxication and addiction are part of the reality in the pub. The pub is a parallel universe. Reason enough to approach the subject and find images for a tradition that holds secrets and is slowly disappearing. For years, the number of pubs has been steadily decreasing. In times of uncertainty, the pub can be a relief as a fixed institution, a place of gathering and exchange. …” (translated with the free version of

Kommunale Galerie Berlin
Kommunale Galerie Berlin
Hohenzollerndamm 176
10713 Berlin

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