Tempelhof Sounds 2023 [CENCELED]

June 2023
Tempelhof Sounds Berlin

Today we have to address you with some sad news: Despite its successful premiere, Tempelhof Sounds will take a break in 2023 before taking place again in 2024. Even though this decision makes us incredibly sad, it was just as right for us as it was without alternative, as we would like to explain to you briefly below.  …”

In the beginning there was a city with its people, an airport with its unparalleled history – and a wish to create a music festival right there, right then, for all people. It was to be a meeting place for cultures, to bring people together, to connect and allow differences and similarities to be shared and celebrated. We create a place where people who enjoy music can come together. People who want to have a good time with friends but are still open to meeting new people and who want to just feel free. Fun and comfort accompany the wish to enjoy live music and culture together, to be inspired by new people, and discover new things. …”

Flughafen Tempelhof
Flughafen Tempelhof
Tempelhofer Damm
Berlin Tempelhof

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