Langer Tag der StadtNatur 2024
Long Day of Urban Nature

Saturday 8. June 2024 — Sunday 9. June 2024
Langer Tag der StadtNatur Berlin 2023

Since 2007, the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin has been focusing once a year on Berlin’s biodiversity. 400 to 500 events at 130 to 160 locations, and this within 26 hours: This even casts a spell on the event-tested capital city residents*. At the side of over 350 experts* from associations, administrations and clubs, you will not only learn which animal inhabitants live right on your doorstep, but you will also get to know natural areas that are otherwise inaccessible – from the wild green backyard to the nature reserve. Natural history canoe tours, bird song walks, honey extractors and many other unusual guided tours and activities make experiencing flora and fauna in Berlin a unique experience. …” (Text 2023, translated with the free version of

various locations across Berlin

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