Charlottenwalk 2022 – Gallery Tour Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf

Friday 3. June 2022 — Saturday 4. June 2022
Charlottenwalk Berlin 2022

Our gallery tour in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, the Charlottenwalk, is all about boosting visibility and exposure of galleries and art spaces within the neighbourhood, encouraging art mediation, and reducing inhibitions among visitors. […] Since we started the Charlottenwalk at the beginning of 2018, we motivate new visitors to come to the galleries on every tour. On evenings of the Charlottenwalk galleries in the neighbourhood jointly open their doors to the public, demonstrating an impressive scope of existing art and art spaces. For visitors, such events make it less daunting to enter an art space; participating galleries in turn receive broad media attention outside major events. Their combined efforts attract new audiences, firmly establishing the event in Charlottenburg. …

Various locations / galleries / venues across Berlin Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf